Hello world!

Hello, I am a normal LDS married woman who wants to help married couples with their sex lives.  I’m not a doctor or anything like that.   I feel there is a need for a place like this because I have only found a couple places on the internet geared to LDS people and sex (other  than negative, anti-Mormon stuff), and one of those is questionable.  I want to tell my story and encourage married couples to have sex!

This is my first attempt at anything like this, so we’ll see how it goes.

Bye for now!

3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. So, I’ll tell you, this blog has really helped me, on a spiritual level even. I’m a nineteen year old LDS girl, and I’ve found the boy I want to spend eternity with, but we are not married yet, and don’t expect to for a while (after 2.5 years of lovin him, he’s currently on his mission). I also have a very caring mother, but I’ve been too embarrassed to ask her some of the questions I have, and that’s where you came in. I know all about Good Girl syndrome. I happen to have a very strong sex drive for a young woman; I think about it frequently, and that used to make me feel so extremely guilty. I live in a high LDS population, and my friends were extremely judgemental: I lost most of them simply because I got above mentioned boyfriend when I was seventeen. (which I understand and agree wasn’t smart, it could lead to sex before marriage, but it didn’t. I was so very head-bangingly careful to keep my virtue, and my boyfriend’s. and plus, he’s so filled with the light of christ, how could i ever miss that opportunity to snag him) In the end after worthily sending him off I still didn’t feel virtuous. (we were scared stiff to even hold hands in front of our friends. that judgement messed with me pretty bad.)

    I started looking online for answers to some of my questions and only found what the world thinks, and I recognized that it was so twisted. It was so good to hear what experienced LDS people actually think. Actually do. I didn’t think they had oral, or anal, or had sex toys. I’m glad that I can finally look at the wonderful boy I’ve chosen and think: “he’s lucky to have chosen a girl with such a strong desire. That will benefit us for years” Instead of “I’m so dirty, I need to change.” Because of this I feel like after years of guilt I can MOVE ON and finally put effort into changing in other ways, like being more serviceful, understanding the atonement better, and developing characteristics of a good mother. I also feel so grateful to you, because I know I will go into this marriage with understanding about men, and how to take care of mine. I’ll be ahead. I wont misunderstand him, or judge his needs. He wont be one of these men replying to your blog telling you how they haven’t had sex in years because their wife hates it. that breaks my heart.

    I honestly believe GGS stems from that embarrassment that parents have for their kids to find out what they’ve been doing. I know my mom would tell me anything I asked her (awkwardly), but its so hard to innitate the conversation! even she says “When i got married there were so many things i thought i understood, but didn’t. i got a rude awakening.” but then she wont explain further. Parents, please set your kids down and tell them those things you wish you knew before you were married! Maybe if it were more out in the open with your kids it would be more out in the open in LDS society. It shouldn’t have taken me thinking: “I’m nineteen. I’m an adult. I have a laptop. I’m going to take this into my own hands and learn these things.” and now i’m finally at peace.

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