I know I said next post was going to be about a woman finding her sexuality, but I can’t resist talking about the HOODIE FOOTIE

It’s almost Mother’s Day and I am wondering when the PajamaGram commercials are going to come rolling out.   By the way,  Conan, please do not get me a PajamaGram for Mother’s Day.

The newest product to come from the pajama store is the Hoodie-Footie.   Now you can have footie pajamas like when you were a kid, but it gets better, there’s a hood on it, too.  You can zip yourself into that thing and your husband won’t be able to get near you.  That hoodie-footie is a modern day chastity belt.   Not to mention that if you don’t look like the women modeling the thing you just might look like Patrick Star from Spongebob Square Pants.

I remember Conan complaining a bit about his ex-wife and her long, zip up mu-mu thing that pretty much guaranteed there would be nothing going on that night.  So what’s more inviting?  The Hoodie Footie or the long flannel nightgown?

Next post will be back on topic!

2 thoughts on “PajamaGrams

  1. From my (male) perspective, I think Satan was the one who helped the inventor create these pajamas! One more percevied, innocent thing that contributes to less sex between husband and wife. My wife has been known to throw away old shirts of mine, which were some of my favorites, although a bit worn. If she were to buy some Hoodie Footies, I think that they would somehow disappear one day! 🙂 Turn about is fair play. Right?

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