Keeping the spark

Here are just a few things you can do to keep that little spark alive in your marriage.

Editing to add another tip at the end!

Making out:    Remember when you used to make out before you got married?   It was fun.  It was hot.  It still is!  How long has it been since you have made out on the couch with your man?  I mean like you used to before marriage–for a long time? It’s super fun to do.  It can wake up all the lovey dovey feelings inside you.  It can make you want to melt into him.   It can  make you crave his touch.   It can make you want to drag him upstairs and do the wild thing.  Just like you wanted to before you got married, but couldn’t.  Try making out before work for a while. It’ll give you something to look forward to all day.   You’ll be very anxious for the evening and putting the kids to bed!!!

Send sexy little notes:     Want to get that warm fuzzy feeling towards your man during the day?  Send him a naughty little text message.  For example:  “I am going to jump you tonight.”  Or, “I’m still thinking about last night.”  or something similar.   I love to get naughty with text messages, because I don’t normally do a lot of naughty talk.  So I get pretty explicit in my text messages to Conan.   I get a big kick out of sending them, especially if I know he’s with a client.  I am BAD!  Hee hee!  It puts a huge smile on my face all day.  And then the anticipation of following through on my text gives me a little buzz.

Time away:       this is obvious, and we all know it, but sometimes just a day away from regular life can make us remember what we found so attractive about our man to begin with.  When we are relaxed and the everyday cares of our lives are set aside for a time,  it can really help the libido.

Flash him:       Here’s something fun to do!  Randomly flash your husband.  Just go over and pull up your shirt and show him what you’ve got.  He’ll love it. My BFF uses that to her advantage.  Her husband will start to get irritated with her for something or other, she will flash him, and the irritation goes away and he gets a cute little grin on his face (from what I’ve been told, of course!).  This works in a similar fashion with  Conan the Barbarian, too.  😉

Conan asked me to add this one, it’s his favorite!  I don’t know what to call it, it’s just foreplay, I guess:      While watching a show before bed Conan likes me to be topless and watch me touch my nipples off and on until the end of the show (commercials).  By the time the show is over we are supercharged and can barely make it upstairs.

Follow through:     Don’t do any of this if you won’t or can’t follow through with your promises.   There’s nothing worse than thinking something is going to happen and then nothing happens.   Very un-sparky!

Have fun!

3 thoughts on “Keeping the spark

    • Here’s my favorite “sext” to Conan:
      I’m in the theater eagerly awaiting the movie Twilight to start. Conan texts me, “Twilight sucks.” I text back, “Not as good as I do!” ahhhahahahahaha!!!

  1. These are all awesome, but I have to emphasize the final one. Follow through or leave him with a very bitter taste. Very bitter. And long lasting.

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