Achieving Orgasm, Man vs Woman

Have you noticed the huge difference in the achieving of a woman’s orgasm as compared to a man’s?   It’s perfectly natural for a man to quickly come to orgasm.  No effort involved at all.   And it just happens.  He doesn’t have to learn how to do it or get to know his body so he knows what he likes.  A man has to train himself to hold off, hold back, keep going, and delay gratification.    I’m also thinking that an occasional quickie for a man must be such a relief!  No holding back, no “thinking baseball” no making sure he lasts long enough.

For a woman it is just about polar opposite.  It’s perfectly natural for a woman to take 15, 20, 30 minutes to get there.  A woman might have to learn how to do it.   A woman may have to concentrate, focus, work for it,  and strive to get gratification.     Once upon a time I used to have to work so hard and wait so long for that elusive O that I sometimes thought it just wasn’t worth it!     I’m wondering why it takes so long for women?  In a perfect world should it work like it does in the bodice ripper novels, both man and woman simultaneously orgasming at the end?

It’s so simple for a man to achieve orgasm.  While it is no longer difficult for me to orgasm, it certainly isn’t like a man.  I sometimes wish it was.   Why isn’t it?

No answers yet, just questions.

4 thoughts on “Achieving Orgasm, Man vs Woman

  1. Since women bear the greater risk for sexual activity, perhaps it is nature’s protection that it takes women longer to get sexually excited. But once we understand and recognize that, we can make it work for us. I think very few men resent the “work” that it takes to get our wives to orgasm; we love to hold and caress them. When a woman realizes that her man is putting her satisfaction first, and that he is a partner in her pleasure, she should come to love him more and appreciate his contribution. My wife says that with respect to sex I am the “COO”, meaning Chief Orgasm Officer. I do whatever it takes to give her a wonderful experience every time.

    • I didn’t have time to really delve into the blog, but I checked it out briefly and thought it looked great! Way better than this little blog, that’s for sure! Thanks for the link 🙂

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