Song of Solomon, 7:10

Song of Solomon, 7:10  “I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me.”

Is there any normal woman who doesn’t want her husband’s desire to be towards her?  We certainly don’t want his desire to be towards somebody else!

Ladies, if you want your husband’s desire to be towards you, and he is a normal, average guy, show him that your desire is towards him!  Say yes!  Or better yet, surprise him by initiating.  Your husband will be on cloud nine and his desire will DEFINITELY be towards you!

2 thoughts on “Song of Solomon, 7:10

  1. Zookie,

    You are so right about this. It is a common saying among the women I hear that “all men want is sex!” And while the statement is true that all (almost) men want sex, they also want to be desired, and need to feel loved. That’s why “duty sex” though better than nothing, is not fulfilling to men either. And of course duty sex does not allow the time for a woman to get really involved, so she is essentially subverting her own enjoyment. When women consciously allocate time and care to their sexual relationship, it is almost axiomatic that their husbands will be more helpful, more involved with the family, and overall happier.

  2. I wish that the Church would spend at least a little time discussing Song of Solomon when we study the Old Testament. I know that Joseph Smith stated that it is not inspired scripture, but it is part of the Bible and has some good allegories in it. It could be that if they Church touched on it briefly, and at least mentioned the importance of keeping our love strong in our marriages, might help some couples. It seems that we spend the vast majority of our time at Church studying the scriptures, which is good, but very little time discussing the importance of the marriage relationship, how to improve those relationships and how good marriages typically are also stronger spiritually as a result.

    I know that they Church has stated that it is important to look after the welfare needs of the members, since a person struggling with employment and finances typically will struggle spiritually – it is hard to focus on things spiritual when the majority of your emphasis is on just surviving. I think that there is a parallel philosophy with that strong, happy marriages and spirituality. Granted, there may be some exceptions…

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