Keeping the Spark, Rated R

Trying new things or just doing something that’s not part of your normal routine is very fun.  It will make you feel good to surprise your husband, and it’ll make him worship the ground you walk on.  Here are some fun things to do once in a while.

Do a strip tease.  Try not to laugh, but if you do, he won’t mind a bit.  I personally cannot get through a strip tease without cracking up.  And Conan still likes it.  ; )

Initiate, and be the one in control through the entire experience.

On the flip side, tell him one night that you are his to do with whatever he wants and let him be in complete control.  There is something incredibly erotic about this.

Wake him up in the night to oral sex or manual sex.  Guys will almost always be willing to give up sleep for sex.  And I’m pretty sure most of them would think they were still dreaming!

Write an erotic poem or story about the two of you (think Song of Solomon) then be sure to act it out.  Once again, laughter is just fine!  At some point I think you’ll stop laughing.

Bring him to climax on your breasts.  In cruder terms this is a “pearl necklace” (remember ZZ Top, anyone?) or “snow on the mountains”.  I would venture to guess that most guys would love this.

After the kids are in bed, come downstairs in nothing but a smile, then straighten up the room that he’s in.  It goes without saying (I’m still going to say it), make sure the curtains and blinds are closed!!!  What happens after that is up to you!

Position a mirror in just the right place so he can watch what’s happening in that mirror!  We have a pier group style “thing” (I have such great vocab!) with mirrors for the headboard/nightstands of our bed.   We got it in the 90’s and it’s slightly outdated as far as style goes, but it is solid oak and the nicest furniture we own, so I’m loath to get rid of it.  But the biggest negative is we wouldn’t have those mirrors anymore.   They are hot!

If there are any guys out there that would NOT like these things, feel free to let me know.

9 thoughts on “Keeping the Spark, Rated R

  1. These are great ideas! Anytime the DW initiates is good, but those hottest times were when I could notice that she was sexually aroused and seeking her own pleasure. She was less inhibited and was open to doing things that she normally shies away from. If a woman really wants to give her man a gift, just let go of the inhibitions and go for your own pleasure. Doing some of the things that Zookie suggests would help to get those juices going. Don’t let your husband always do the driving (in the bedroom) – but when he does, this is one of those circumstances where he might not mind you helping out with the directions. 🙂

    • Chet,
      This is something I believe you’ve mentioned before? If not, I’ve read about this somewhere else. It takes some time for these kinds of things to sink into my brain, but now that I think about it, I believe Conan really likes this, too. I’m going to think about this for awhile and do a post on ways we women can go after our own pleasure!

  2. This doesn’t happen as much as it used to earlier on in our marriage, but one of the HOTTEST things I can think of is waking up to find my wife’s hands stroking me and getting me hard… or to wake up to the realization that her mouth is caressing my… AHEM! Once, and I have no idea how she did this without me waking up IMMEDIATElY, I woke up and realized that my wife had somehow slipped my pants down and lowered herself onto my aroused anatomy… she was careful not to put any actual body weight on me as she supported herself on her hands and knees and gently, slowly, slid up and down… I thought I was DREAMING!

    • I would love to do that! Conan doesn’t sleep that soundly, though. Last week I followed my own suggestion and Conan told me later that whatever he had been dreaming about turned into a sex dream and he was really enjoying himself and then he woke up. And then we really enjoyed ourselves!

  3. I must be sheltered cause I had not heard the term “pearl necklace” before. I was teasing my husband about it – thinking he didn’t know the term either, but he knew exactly what I was referring too. I forgot he was a ZZ Top fan. He had to share the song with me and I had to look up the lyrics online to understand what they were singing. lol

    • Ha ha! So I looked up the lyrics to the song and was slightly shocked at them. I never could understand the lyrics to most of ZZ Top; I just knew the chorus to this one. As a parent, I’m slightly appalled that I listened to that! I wouldn’t want my kids listening to that! Well, I guess there’s always been risqué music. Remember The Beatles “Why Don’t We Do it in the Road”? Just a little before my time, but still a great song.

  4. One thing I have found out, is right after My wife gets done with her cycle, (usually about a week after) she is in a huge sexual peak. She is all for going for her pleasure, and is more open to toys, oral, anal, etc. That may be part of the reason why they are less active other times too… just a though

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