Make Up Sex

I have this Jack Vettriano print hanging in our bedroom.  Conan bought it for me for our anniversary one year.   The title is “Dance Me to the End of Love”.  I love Jack Vettriano and I love this painting!  I always imagine that’s Conan and me in the picture.  AND I just found out that Jack Vettriano is a Scot, and I have a real thing for Scottish men ha ha!  And the accent, oh, don’t get me started!  Okay, okay, enough!  🙂

Last week Conan and I got into a huge fight.  Worse than we’ve had in, oh, I’d say a couple years.  He made me so mad and then I was horrible to him and made him madder, so he was horrible to me and so I was meaner to him and he was meaner to me and it just snowballed.  The only good thing I have to say is we did not break furniture or make holes in walls or anything!  We are both pretty passionate people, but have learned some restraint!  🙂  The fight was around midnight, and at one point I just shut down and refused to talk anymore.  So he went to bed and I did some work (I work from home).  The next day was not much better.  He left for work early,  and since I worked ’til 3:00 a.m. I was asleep so we did not talk.

So that day I sat and stewed and waited for him to call and apologize, which he did not do.  I started looking at this painting and thinking.  Well, the painting softened my heart towards him.  Then I remembered this comment from my post

Chet says:

“This is not always the case, but sometimes the unspoken word in make up sex is ‘I am sorry and I love you’. The close bond in sex can help mend hurt feelings and help us to want to put those feelings behind us.”

I sat and looked at my painting and mulled over these words from Chet.  And my heart softened some more.  I decided that was just what we needed that night.

When Conan got home from slaying  the bad guys all day, we were a little strained around each other, but trying to be normal.  That night, though, I followed up on the advice and we had a very, very wonderful time.  Afterwards he looked at me with love and tenderness and asked, “Is everything all right, now?”  I answered yes.  Everything was all right, and all was forgiven.  I lovingly and sincerely apologized, he did the same, and it’s really as if it never happened.

So thank you, Chet, for opening my eyes and teaching me something new and wonderful.

5 thoughts on “Make Up Sex

  1. This sounds wonderful. I can’t say that it has ever happened in my marriage, but I sure wish it would.

    Great Blog! Thanks for taking the time to put down such great thoughts on wonderful topics.

  2. I hate fighting with my husband, but the reality is that in a long term relationship(which is what a marriage is) fights happen; and more often than not about silly things. Sex is definitely a great way to mend the fences and just show each other that you still care.
    I think without it, it can definitely be a lot more difficult to feel intimate with your partner!

  3. I was honored to be quoted in one of your posts! Especially, since the “make-up sex” worked. 🙂 I am glad that you and Conan were able to put your fight behind you and move forward.

  4. My wife doesn’t particularly WANT to have sex with me when we’re NOT fighting. I just cannot imagine her being willing to have any kind of sex when we HAVE been fighting!

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