Wake Up Call


I am super busy with all kinds of summer activity.  While I have lots of words bouncing around in my head, I don’t have time to write any of them down!  So…

Here are two articles I found interesting.

Wake Up Call for Wives

Wake Up Call for Husbands


p.s.  Just to be clear, the comment by “LDS Woman” on the second page of “Wake Up Call for Wives” was not me.  She gives good advice, though!






4 thoughts on “Wake Up Call

  1. These are great articles and thanks for the links.
    The thing I love about the Lundburg’s articles is that they are wonderful marriage-fulfilling, enrichening (if that’s a word) advice. I love good advice but I think I learn just as much from bad advice. For example,I was reading the comments from an article recently from the Mormon Missionary Position website and someone mentioned some advice they were given. The advice was “make love like an Apostle would.” Wow! Is there any worse thing to tell someone? In my case it was… “you’ll know what to do when the time comes.” No I didn’t.

    • Thanks for telling me about that blog. It’s interesting!
      About making love like an Apostle, well, it depends on how you think apostles make love! I for one think they really like sex, considering how they wax poetic about it all the time! I don’t have time to find the reference right now, but in the biography of Spencer W. Kimball there is a letter from his wife to him talking about how good their sex life was. Whenever I think of apostles making love, I think of that letter from Camilla! When I have time to find it, I’ll put up the reference.

  2. Thanks for the links! I read and appreciated both articles. The comments were also interesting.

    Fascinating that one woman railed on the husband who said he was a slave and told him to take charge and “man up.”

    She’s probably right about his enabling behavior being a contributor–but I still feel bad for him. Interesting the apparent church response that didn’t see his challenge, though.

    • I found that comment interesting, too. I made a snap judgment about the person who commented. She seemed like a woman who does not value men very much. From that comment, it seemed to me that she scorns men, no matter what they do. I’m probably wrong, but that was my initial reaction.

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