Pack 12 Football and General Conference


Okay, this has nothing at all to do with sex or marriage or sex in marriage, ha ha!  But I have to say that it endears me to Conan when I sit and watch a football game with him once in a while, and that is good for our marriage and sex life!

Conan says:  “31 to 14.  Welcome to the Pack 12, Utes”   (And I don’t think he was being all that nice when he said it, because he did his Husky bark and looked like the one guy who just tackled the other guy and is standing over him and looking down on him with a “try to get up you beep beep beep” look.  Do you know what I’m talking about?   ha ha ha!)

I am wondering how many priesthood holders skipped the priesthood session tonight and went to the Utes/Huskies game instead!   The stadium was packed.

Enjoy the rest of Conference everybody.  It’s been wonderful so far.

4 thoughts on “Pack 12 Football and General Conference

  1. Oh, PAC. Oh. *blush* I did think it was a pack of teams or something like that. oops 🙂
    You’re going to have to get your own profile, Babe, ’cause it looks like I’m talking to myself. ha ha!
    p.s. Go Dawgs!

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