To Bare or Not to Bare

If you played Bunco with me, you would be having a very good time!  My Bunco group is super fun!  Oh, no, that’s not where I was going with that.  Oops.  🙂  If you played Bunco with me, you would know of my strange obsession with waxing, shaving, Veet and Brazilians (not the male variety, the hair removal variety!).  For a few years now I have talked about it and wanted to learn about it and find out if other ladies do it and/or like it.  My BFF is bare.  (She shaves.  She has not had a Brazilian.)  She loves it.   She told me that I should try it, and I would love it, too.  Up to that point, it was just shave the bikini line for me.  Or sometimes I used Nair or Veet.

Two or three (or four? heck, I don’t know anymore) years ago I decided to try wax strips.  I was ready.  So next time I was at the store, I took a deep breath and threw Sally Hanson cold wax strips into the cart.  You’d think I was a teenager buying condoms the way I felt all embarrassed and self conscious at the checkout.  The next day I mentally prepared myself for a lot of pain in a sensitive area.  My bikini line, only, okay!  I have a horrible fear of waxing any parts more sensitive than that.  Anyway, you may have read that email joke about waxing that I put up awhile back.  The woman in the joke had a terrible time with the wax strips.  Well, I had already read that little dissertation, and I was prepared.  And I certainly wasn’t about to warm the strips up with the hairdryer like she did.  Follow all directions carefully, that’s my motto!  The hardest part was sticking them on.  Kind of like standing at the top of a diving board.  I knew if I stuck them on there was no going back.  I hesitated.  I waffled.  I thought, you know, maybe the razor really is my best friend.  Then I reminded myself of those awful red bumps that go with shaving, and the bristlies I can’t seem to get smooth.   Okay, here goes nothing.  I stuck the strip on.  Whew!  Then, of course, I had to rip the things off.  Good grief.  I readied myself with my favorite swear word, grabbed the thing, counted to three and yanked.  That favorite swear word was loud, let me tell you!  Good thing the kids were at school.  Mommies don’t swear.   Then it occurred to me that there are two sides to a bikini line.  Oh, boy.  Plus, I was expecting to see a smooth, hairless bikini line and instead I saw that the evil wax strip hadn’t removed all the hair and I’d have to do it again in the same spot.  There was nothing for it but to warm the wax strip again, slap it on and rip it off.  Again.  And then one more time.   And then do the other side!  I’ve concluded that doing that again is a sure sign of masochism, ha ha!!  But after that I was nice and smooth.

I got so I could wax my bikini line with not much fuss or bother.  However, I still wanted to do something about the rest of it.   One day I shaved my more sensitive areas and showed Conan.  Conan was slightly uncomfortable with it, because he associated bare with juvenile, and his reaction was less than enthusiastic.  I was more than a little deflated when he wasn’t thrilled with it.  Then it ITCHED like a something that rhymes with itch!  Whoo boy!  You just don’t go around scratching that kind of itch and it was kind of tortuous.  So I grew it all back (except the bikini line, of course) and left it that way.

I couldn’t forget about it, though, and continued to think about going bare.  I started shaving again not too long ago, and I liked it so much that I decided to keep it that way and Conan would just have to get used to it.   What about the itch?  I discovered that was temporary.  Keep it up and no more itch!  Not too long ago I got a wild hare (get it?)  and with a combination of shaving and waxing I went completely bare.  I wasn’t 100% satisfied, I still had bristlies and just couldn’t seem to get it perfect.   Then I made a friend who actually used to DO Brazilians.  Oh, my gosh, I was so excited!  I could ask all the personal and intimate questions that I couldn’t ask anyone else but always wanted to know.   Questions answered!  Plus I got some fabulous advice.

I will pass on a bit of that advice:

  • Exfoliate.  Yep!  Saint Ives apricot scrub works great for that.
  • Condition.  With conditioner.   Not cheap conditioner, use the good stuff.  I know, right?  Sounds crazy.
  • Use a special razor.  I wrote down Gillette Mach Fusion when my friend told me which one to get, which was wrong, because when I went to the store, there is no Mach Fusion.  There’s a Mach something and there’s a Fusion.  But they are two separate types of razor.  Rather than bother my friend with silly details, I got the Fusion (see picture above).  It has a little battery and it vibrates (no, not for that, silly!) while you shave.  That’s supposed to facilitate a smoother shave.   Anyway, get a special razor and use it for that only.

After following my friend’s advice, my results were smooth as silk.  I’m completely hooked now, and I’m never going back!  (Conan still does think I’m a little nuts to do it, but he hasn’t discouraged me from it.)

Do you like bare or a little there or au naturel?   Does it make you feel sexy?  Does your husband like it?  What about the guys?  What do you prefer, guys?

Oh, and guys do this, too.  How do you prefer your man?  I haven’t been comparing packages or anything, of course, so I don’t know what a completely bare one would be like, but I do know I like neat and trim, not wild and crazy.

Whether you do it for your spouse or for yourself, this is a great, private way to keep things sexy.   Something for just the two of you.

20 thoughts on “To Bare or Not to Bare

  1. This is funny and I have to share:
    After you hit “publish”, wordpress will give suggestions on how to get more traffic to your blog. Here are the suggested tags for this blog.

    sally hanson, strange obsession, horrible fear, bikini line, and wax strips.

    That cracked me up!!! Not QUITE where I was going, here, but strangely true. ha ha ha!!

  2. I asked my husband if he thought this was I good idea. He said it wasn’t appealing to him. I am glad because thoughts of underage girls come to my mind. Sorry.

    So I think I might dye it to surprise him! What do you think?

    • I think that sounds fun! So what color would you do it? And forgive me for my ignorance, but if you’re not a “natural blonde”, wouldn’t that be sort of difficult??

  3. Soon after our marriage I talked to my wife about this, so for the past 10+ years she has been bare down their. I think your tips may be useful for her, so I’m definitely passing them along. Personally, I love it. I’ve volunteered to do the same, but she isn’t having it. It saves me some serious time, so I’m not going to complain.;)

    • Well, I agree that it takes extra time in the shower, that’s for sure! I couldn’t have done it when my kids were all little. I barely had enough time wash my hair, never mind shaving anything that didn’t show, ha ha! But now I can actually take time in the shower, so it’s good.

  4. I absolutely love it when it’s bare down there. It makes oral so much more fun. Besides, when you make it a team event, it helps set a nice stage for the fun to come. (As long as you’re careful with the razor, otherwise the night is ruined…)

  5. Great post zookie! This is one of my favorite things about the sexual aspect. I love shaving! I have been bald now for nearly 20 years and my wife for nearly 15. Amazing!
    I have to say, I just don’t understand the correlation of being bald and being juvenile. First of all, the same thing could be said about shaving your legs or armpits right? Why is the pubic area any different. Aside from that, I’ve changed diapers before, and I assure you, my wife doesn’t look anything like that. I just don’t understand the correlation. Anyhow, great post, phenomenal tips. Tell your friend thanks!

    • Thanks, Ridge!
      I felt the same way about things, which is one reason I went ahead and did it anyway, even though Conan wasn’t 100% on board with it. And I like it more all the time.

    • Arms and legs are not private parts.

      Please don’t think I am looking down on you for doing it. I am just saying I was happy my husband does not like it.

      Child porn is huge right now!

      • I think most (American) men don’t much like women’s unshaved armpits and/or legs. Why in the world would they want other parts to be hairy??

      • Hair, or the lack thereof, doesn’t have anything to do with child porn. I honestly just don’t like getting hair caught in my teeth or throat. 🙂

      • Wendy,
        No harm done. It is your body and your choices. I respect that. I just don’t understand the correlation with a bare pubic area and someone saying I like child porn. (I’m not saying you are) believe me, I have worked in a field where I caught people in child porn. I was the manager of a computer store. I also filled in as a tech when needed. It is the most disgusting things I have ever seen. I literally threw up one time after finding images on a computer. But not once did I equate my wife being bald with that. It is just different…

  6. Speaking as a woman richly endowed with thick hair…
    there is no freakin way that I will tear the hairs individually out of my skin in order to get Mr Darling’s attention. Not really necessary anyhoo. My personal compromise is neatly enough trimmed not to get hairs between the teeth. I’d love to be skilled enough to trim in a little heart motif.
    It is possible to get something called a ‘merkin’,which is a pretty stick on thingy, like nipple tassels, I’ve seen them in the shape of butterflies. Very fetching I think. I like ‘coco de mer’ for my erotica-pricey but very tasteful. Silk and satin for me.

    • Oh, but they don’t come out individually! They come out ALL AT ONCE!!! Ha ha! It doesn’t hurt all that much after the first time, either.
      But anyway, to each her own in this instance. I have a friend who shall remain completely unidentified who told me that her husband likes her hair.

      I think, although I can’t know for sure, that this is an age thing. The younger you are, the more likely you are to wax and shave some or all of it.

  7. My wife is in her later 40s. Three years ago she started shaving completely bare and I loved it. After being bare for a while she told me she couldn’t imagine having hair there again and that she love the feel and cleanliness of being totally bare. She had laser hair removal and we both love the results. Unlike shaving, it leaves her totally smooth and soft.

    The laser removal is expensive but both of us would highly recommend it.

    • I love it, too. I’ll never go back, as long as I’m capable of de-hairing myself. But, oh, to get laser hair removal! That’s on my list of things I want if I ever win the lottery. At least I’m getting better and better at waxing myself.

      Thanks for sharing your wife’s age. I know there are more and more of us 40 something women who do this. Most of my girlfriends are between 35 and 45, and they all get rid of at least most of it. But I do think it’s more accepted and prevalent in younger people, male and female.

      • I think this is definitely an age-related thing. I believe (a totally baseless opinion, btw) that most women in their late fifties, sixties, etc, would consider a shaved pubic area to be the height of depravity. My wife asked me once if I knew what a “landing strip” is because she’d read the term in a flyer for a local waxing salon. When I explained it to her she was appalled. 😉

        • I have heard the landing strip called a Mohawk by a guy who hates them. haha!

          My mom would probably be appalled, too. Now THAT’S something I’ll never tell my mother. I can just imagine. “Yes, Mom, I shave my lady parts bald.” Mother has immediate heart attack and it’s all my fault. 🙂

  8. I have been married for eight years and was around the block before hand (I’m a convert). I’ve been with women who both have been bare and who weren’t. It’s much more attractive for women who have very little or no hair in the area. Also, making love feels better to me when she is bare. As for the whole juvenile thing, that’s disgusting and not true. A lot of women don’t like chest hair and some men don’t like pubic hair.

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