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Conan and I had been married for a few years but didn’t have any children together yet (so I imagine I was between 21 and 23 or so) when we decided to take a trip up to Vancouver, BC for the weekend.  It was a lot of fun!  One of the most memorable moments up there was when we were sightseeing and decided to go into a specialty shop and look around.  And by specialty shop I mean SEX TOY Shop!  This was my first look at anything like that.  (I’d heard of vibrators, dildos and such before, but never seen any.  This was back in ancient times, remember, and there was no internet.)  I was soooo embarrassed!  Plus I was young enough to be a bit giggly and juvenile about it, ha ha!  Even so, I was fascinated with everything I saw there.  The two things that were burned into my brain were a dildo that was as big as my forearm and had a suction cup on the bottom of it so you could stick it on whatever surface and use it hands free!  And a swing with a dildo ON it!   W.O.W.  My eyes about popped out of my head everywhere I looked.

I have had lots of fun and laughs over the years talking about that hands free dildo with my BFFs, but never thought I’d actually ever get any kind of sex toy.  (I never have tried that hands free one, I’ll just tell you that right now!)

I did eventually get a sex toy.  I got a  hard plastic, turbo-shaped, purple vibrator.  It was interesting and fun solely because it was such a novel experience.  We tried it a number of ways but it didn’t really do a whole lot for me.  First of all, it was cold, and second of all the vibrations were pretty weak, in my opinion.  Later, we decided to try a different kind.  We got one that is like a Rabbit.  I don’t know if it is an actual Rabbit, I can’t remember that far back,  but it is shaped like a real penis, and it is made of squishy plastic instead of hard plastic.   It is also purple.  (Conan’s favorite color is purple.  Because of the U of WA Huskies!) Anyway, it has those little bunny ears that are supposed to rest on the clitoris and vibrate while you penetrate with the penis.  Once again, I didn’t like it.  It was cold, too.  And whatever nasty plastic they used to make the thing smelled horrible!  I just went and got it out of my drawer.  It still smells horrible.  And the little bunny ears worked about as well as me leaning up against the washing machine during the spin cycle, ha ha!  Meaning not at all.  Still, we tried it out several times.  We tried both of them together.  We got good and creative.   But they just didn’t do much for me.  I know other women love their Rabbits, but they just don’t work for my body.  Why do I even still have those things, you ask?  I really don’t know.  They just sit in the drawer year after year, hahaha!

Fast forward a few years, (I really have no idea how many) and I discovered the bullet vibe.   Conan and I talked about it and decided to go get one.  We got in the car with our new purchase and Conan practically begged me to use it right there.  I did.  He still remembers the street we were on.  Ummm, I kind of don’t, I was busy.  😉   Now, up until this point I was a one and done girl.   I was always soooo jealous of my BFFs, because THEY could have multiples without even batting an eye.  But no matter what we had done thus far, one was it for me.  But this night, with my new little bullet vibe, I had five, count them, five Os IN A ROW.  I fell in love with that little bullet.  It was my new best friend.   We wore the thing out and had to go get a new one.  We actually wore a couple of them out.

I’m so thankful for bullet vibrators because they taught me that I could be multi-orgasmic.  (I am happy to say that, now, if I was only having five or less I would be highly disappointed.)     It’s still amazing to me that one day I can only have one and the next day I can have several!

But something strange happened.  We got so that Conan could give me lots of Os with no need for the bullet vibe, and then the bullet stopped working for me.  I haven’t been able to figure that one out.  It would just buzz away, feeling pleasant, but not producing the same results.  Since we had just about worn it out anyway, I just threw it away and never replaced it.  I certainly didn’t NEED it anymore!

So now it’s been seven or eight years since I got my first bullet.  And last year I decided to try a new sex toy.  I didn’t do my research very well, but what I wanted was something that I could use hands free (No, NOT the one with the suction cup on the bottom!) during intercourse.  I sooo want to orgasm DURING intercourse.  So we purchased this:

Classix Butterfly Strap On

It’s a bullet vibe that you strap onto yourself.  The theory is lots of great stimulation without having to think about it or hold onto it.  Once again, while the buzzing sensations are nice, it did NOT do the trick.  And can I just say I felt like a complete moron trying to get it strapped on, and once it was on I felt I looked ridiculous.  Anyway, sad to say, this didn’t work, either.  I even popped the bullet out of it’s little butterfly and tried to use it that way once, but it was a no go.  😦

A few months ago I learned about something called a Hitachi Magic Wand.  Hmmmmm.  I was intrigued.  I really liked what I saw.  I asked Conan if I could get one.  He laughed a bit at me but gave the okay.   It arrived not long before our romantic weekend in early November.

We took it with us.  This Hitachi is no joke.  The handle is about a foot long, so even though it’s not hands free it’s very easy to use.  The vibrating part is about the size of a tennis ball, which makes it simple to apply to the right spots.  It is not battery operated, it PLUGS IN.  It has two speeds.  The low speed will make you see fireworks and the high speed will drain the power grid and trip your breaker.  You will forget your own name.  How could I not have heard of this baby before???  It gets RESULTS.

I tried it through my jeans and within 60 seconds it blew me away.  Used against bare skin I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.  Conan commented later that he thinks I woke up everyone within a 10 yard radius. *blush*

I could not keep this to myself and so I told my BFFs all about my new toy.

That’s my experience with sex toys.   I still prefer Conan to any toy, but I’m super glad for those toys, just the same, and am looking forward to wearing out a few magic wands!

Tips:  I have recently heard about glass toys.  You can heat them up in warm water before you use them so they won’t be COLD!  Yay!  That’s going to be my next purchase when I get around to getting another toy.

Shop Erotic is a tasteful online shop and you can find just about anything your little heart desires there.  From lube and vibrators to whips, blindfolds and restraints.  Hmmmm.

Simply Sweet Marriage  is a good online store by LDS people and is a very nice site where you can get lots of good stuff.

17 thoughts on “Sex Toys

  1. You need a bullet/ring combo. We have a “Screaming O O Wow.” It solves the problem that the strap-on bullet doesn’t. You still have to modify your “technique” a little bit, but the results are worth it.

  2. I have a whole drawer full of toys. Some we love, others sit there. What do you do with unwanted sex toys? Is there an island for misfit sex toys? (sorry!! its Christmas time and now you know what I watch ha ha)

    I also have the Hitachi. We call it the jackhammer! Boy does it ever work. Actually for me – since menopause has taken away a lot of my sensation in certain important areas -GGGRRRR!!!! – the Hitachi is the only way I can tip over the edge these days. But since it is sooooo powerful and can have a numbing effect if used too long – I only use it at the very end when I am ready to tip and can’t using other methods. Lets just say it has been a very good investment. I did have it pulled out going through the airline screening once. When asked what it was (I mean really WTH???) I was so flustered I blurt out – its my vibrator – for my… um… neck! lol

    We did buy a life like penis dildo once, When it came, I ended up throwing it out cause of the smell. Soooo mad on that one – but I learned a lesson about chemicals. It was replaced – but the new one doesn’t feel near as life like as the other one did, so I tend to stick with the real live one. It has a really cute attachment to it – he gives great oral!!! 😉

    I don’t know about you – but we have found the cheep ones don’t really last very long so we have started going with the more expensive brand names like Lelo Lilly, etc. And they are expensive. We have the Aneros prostate simulators and they are well used and very much liked. I was disappointed in the We-vibe at first, but have since found a way to use it that I like.

    So many toys to choose from and so little time and money. What to do, what to do? lol

    Do you worry about what others will think of you if you die and they find your toy chest? I do! I am thinking of storing them in a locked safe and then specifying in my will that the safe stay locked and be destroyed!! Do you think this fear Is remnants of my good girl syndrome past?

    • Love this, CM!!! You are in the zone tonight. 🙂

      I have noticed that the magic wand can cause a bit of numbing. So I started doing the same thing you do, use it AFTER lots of other fun stuff. When I think every last O has been wrung out of me, the Hitachi will bring me to SEVERAL more. Holy Smokes!!!!!

      That TSA person was completely out of line. It’s my opinion that he/she probably knew what it was and just wanted to embarrass you. CREEP!

      Do I worry about someone finding my toys? No. If they find them, they find them. WHATEV! My oldest son already knows about them–a couple years ago he was digging around in my room for something and got in my drawer. I read him the riot act for that and told him in no uncertain terms to stay out of my personal, private drawers. He had the grace to look embarrassed.

      So now I’m curious about the We-vibe and how you use it. Email me all the nitty gritty details if you don’t want to post it here.
      And will you try glass?

      • Think DP (double penetration), smaller end in the back door – other end in vagina. It is small enough that hubby can still gently enter the vagina and get rocked too. 🙂 Add the Hitachi on the clit for an explosive O!!!!!

        Yes I definitely plan to try glass one day!

        So i am taking it my embarrassment with the toy drawer IS related to my GGS past??? Anyone else worry about it? I am still toying with the locked chest ideal!!!

        • Oh! That sounds quite nice.

          And I don’t think your embarrassment has anything to do with your GGS past. There’s a thread about this at The Marriage Bed and most people don’t want those things found, either. It’s normal to want to keep this sort of thing private from your children or parents, who are the ones most likely to find them if something were to happen to you. Yeah, it’s one thing for your children to know you do it, but quite another for them to know EXACTLY what you’re doing.

    • I just watched the video on your sight, Gwen. That attachment looked way better than the ones that i got years ago. I am going to look into it – and those eggy covers too. I find that I can not use the Hitachi directly on my skin. I have a very soft blanket that I use as a buffer. Anyone else have that issue? Also only the low setting works for me – the high numbs it way too fast.

  3. So we actually have a huge collection of toys. I love them. I love being able to use them together. We have rabbit, glass, bullet vibes, screaming O, butt plugs, etc. As of yet, I haven’t been able to convince her to get the Hitachi. We shall see. I love being able to use them during sex, and it sounds like we may be able to with that one. I also had the we vibe, but it did absolutely nothing for her. So we got rid of it. Oh well…
    Great post! Keep it up zookie! I love reading them

    • Hi Ridge!
      Thanks for the nice compliment about my blog. I’m glad you like it and thanks for commenting!
      A butt plug, huh? Hmmmmmm.
      Also, I didn’t know what a Screaming O was, I had to go look it up. That looks like it might be fun! Does it feel good for the man, too?

    • Thanks alot guys! I had to google the screaming O too… That is quite a site. This is going to cost me some money – I want to try them all… lol Did you see the screaming octopus???

      Tell us – worth the money … or not, Ridgeridin? I already have too many misfit sex toys!!!

      BTW – you should have held on to the we vibe. The DP works great!!!

  4. Sorry for the late late LATE reply guys. I have been insanely busy with some pretty serious stuff.
    We used to use the Screamiong O’s a lot in the beginning, but since she has discovered the rabbit line of vibes, she doesn’t like the rest as much.
    I just recently purchased the Hitachi for her so we could use it during regular sex and anal sex too. It has been AMAZING! Ear splitting orgasms for her. Would recommend it to anyone!

    • Hi Ridge! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂
      I’m glad you got the Hitachi! What’d I tell you? I presume she forgot her name for a while 🙂 I hope she didn’t wake up the kids. hee hee.

      Good luck with your serious stuff. Serious stuff sucks.

  5. What’s up to all, the contents present at this web page are really awesome for people knowledge, well, keep up the good work fellows.

  6. I can’t believe I just found this. You women are awesome.
    So, here’s me, never used s sex toy married 30 years. Love the mister, but never had the big O. Starting to get a little tetchy.
    Any advice sisters, or brothers?
    I probably would enjoy penetration along with some clitoral stimulus, and have found clit stimulation alone a little harsh in the past. So much choice out there and not a lot of personal recommendation you know?

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