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Shoe Dazzle!

I just bought the cutest pair of shoes from Shoe Dazzle!

They are HOT!  I love shoes.  Especially sexy shoes.  And I feel so very sexy IN those sexy shoes.   I’m very tall already, but I OWN my height and don’t mind being over six feet tall in my high heels.  Sadly, I don’t own very many pairs of sexy shoes, because Conan hates feet and anything to do with feet, including shoes.  He only thinks that feet should always be IN shoes, and that’s about as far as it goes.   😦  My high school boyfriend actually had one (yes, just one) thing going for him, and that was that he would always give me a fantastic foot rub after basketball and football games ( I didn’t play, I cheered).  Oh, I loved that soooooo much.  Conan refuses to touch my feet.  I don’t think he’d touch my feet with latex gloves on.  And my feet are not gross, okay?  They’re just fine.  No bunions, calluses, cracked heels, yucky toenails, nothing.  Just long, like the rest of me.  But I digress.

Because Conan could not care less about lingerie and sexy shoes etc, I haven’t indulged in them very much.  In fact, he thinks they are a waste of money and so gives me a hard time if I spend money on things like that, so over the years I just haven’t purchased many things that make me feel sexy.  But that is changing for me.  I want to feel sexy and beautiful, and so I’m going to buy things that make me feel that way.   That’s why I bought those fantastic shoes.  That and I’m tired of denying myself things I like just because Conan doesn’t think they’re important.

Yes, Conan does not care about lingerie.   Shock!!!   When we first got married, in fact on our honeymoon, I brought several very sexy, very beautiful items of lingerie.  Lace, satin, soft, sexy, feminine, racy, demure, red, white, black, pink, lots of stuff!  And let me tell you, I was very, very VERY deflated at Conan’s complete lack of enthusiasm when I presented myself to him in  them.  I mean, he had zero things to say about them.  Oh, except that he didn’t care and would I please just take it off.  Talk about a downer.  😦    I tried a different one each night, and got the same reaction each time, so my pretty things went into a drawer when we got home, and then a box, and then the garbage within a couple years.  😦

Now, I truly, truly wish I’d gotten a different reaction from Conan.  That was one of the things that contributed to my lack of sex drive later.  But Conan is who he is and didn’t know that.  I didn’t really understand it either, at the time.

Here’s what you do, guys, to make your wife feel good about being in lingerie for you.  Growl a sexy growl.  Tell her she’s beautiful.  Tell her you love seeing her that way.  Be enthusiastic!  That should put a smile on her face and touch her heart, as well.

I imagine most of you have had a completely different experience than I had.  You guys probably love, love LOVE lingerie and just can’t seem to get your wife to wear enough of it!   And then there are probably some really lucky couples who agree in that area, too.  The man loves to see it and the woman loves to wear it.  Lucky you!!

Ladies, do you like to wear lingerie?  Does it make you feel sexy?  Even if we don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model (Hey, even the models don’t look like their photoshopped pictures!)  we can still wear pretty things.   I like wearing pretty clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc.  It makes me feel good.  So does wearing lingerie!  Or do you wear nothing but sweats and a ratty t-shirt to bed night after night?   Okay, so some lingerie is not very practical for sleeping in, true.  But there are lots of pretty things out there that are also good for sleeping in.  Pre-temple days I wore just a short nightie or t-shirt.  I get waaayy to hot for anything else.  Now I sleep in just the Gs.  But I know most women like to sleep in some kind of night wear.  Why not make it pretty or cute or a bit sexy sometimes?

You could always go with the hoodie-footie if you get really cold at night ha ha ha!!

Guys, do you like, love, or feel indifferent to lingerie?  Wish your wife would wear more of it?  Less of it?   Let us ladies know what you think and what you’d like.  I want to know!

And this is one girl who is going to be acquiring some fun, pretty, sexy things–not for Conan, just for me.  To make me feel good, pretty, sexy, all that.   If Conan likes it, too, all the better.

What’s So Wrong With the Missionary Position?

My BFF and I were talking the other day and the subject of sex came up.  Imagine that!  ha ha!  I can’t remember how the conversation got there, but I asked her, “What’s so wrong with the missionary position, anyway?”  She said, “I know, right!”  That got me to thinking.  Really–what’s wrong with it?

Here’s what’s right about it:

  • You can wrap your arms and legs around your man.
  • You can kiss
  • You can look into each others eyes
  • Your man can pin your hands above your head–mmm
  • Or you can have your hands free to touch lots of places and do lots of things
  • It’s a flattering position, and if you have figure flaws they’re less likely to be seen
  • It can make you (as a woman) feel safe, cherished, held and loved
  • It’s romantic
  • It’s sexy

That all sounds very nice, doesn’t it?  Mmmhmm.

So what’s wrong with it?  I think it’s the thought that it’s the ONLY position that’s allowed.   That you’re lying there, checked out.   That you’re doing your duty.  Lie back and think of England.   You don’t have to contribute to what’s happening.    And lets face it, even your very favorite thing can become old if that’s all you ever have.

So break out of your rut if you’re in one.  You don’t have to hang from the rafters!  In fact, there are some positions that are quite laughable in my opinion.  I’m wondering where the pleasure comes in when you’re trying to bend in some way that humans weren’t meant to bend!  But let’s mix it up a little.  Don’t be so quick to say, I don’t want it that way.

Why don’t some women want some other positions?  Here’s what I’ve heard about the flip side:  Rear entry is degrading.  It’s not intimate.  It’s animalistic.  It just seems nasty.  I hate the term “doggy style”.  I feel like a piece of meat.

Honestly, your husband is probably not thinking, I would like to make my wife feel like a whore.  What he’s probably thinking is, I’d like to make my wife feel good!  I’d like to get a good view of my wife!  So what if it’s called “doggy style”?  Don’t call it that if you don’t like it.  If you think it’s animalistic, well, okay.  But there are lots of things that animals do that we do, too.  Animals nurse their young, for instance.  That’s not gonna stop you from doing it, is it?  And not all sex is  soft, sweet, and slow.  It’s not supposed to be.  You want it to feel good, don’t you?  Yes, the missionary position is awesome, fun, and all the things I listed.  But sometimes you’ve gotta step it up!   I encourage you to get over your shyness, your discomfort, your insecurities.  Allow yourself to just go with it and enjoy!