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Happy Valentines Day

Hi to all!  I hope you are well.  I miss You.

I would love to know how Valentines Day went for you.  What did you do, give, get?  Do you love or hate Valentines Day?   Does Valentines Day fall into one of those expected sex days?

For Valentines Day I got myself a pair of very cute hot pink pumps.   LOVE them!

Today I’m thinking of a friend I used to have.   She would obsess over what her boyfriend did or did not get her.  She could NOT simply be happy that he got her a gift, she had to analyze, really OVER analyze, what he got her.  The gift had to be exactly right and perfect.  Or he just didn’t LOVE her enough.  He didn’t KNOW her well enough.  He didn’t LISTEN or PAY ATTENTION to her enough.   Good grief.  The poor man could not win.  No matter what.  And I saw him get her some lovely, wonderful gifts over the years.   It just never seemed to be the right thing.   And then guess what?  Yep.  No sex for him.   He most obviously didn’t deserve it.

I tried to help her to understand that not all of us are great at gift giving.  Some of us SUCK at it.   Possibly even me!   Yep.  I’m a terrible gift giver.  I never know what to get.  I try.  Believe me.  I just don’t have the talent for knowing what someone wants.  Or remembering the little side comment or that time in the store when my recipient said, oh, I’d just LOVE to have that.  *sigh*  My BFFs are fantastic gift givers.  Maybe some day some of that will rub off.  Until then…I’ll just keep trying.  🙂

My only problem with Valentine’s Day  is the unachievable expectations placed on people (read…men…usually).  Oh, I’m sure some of us get it right.  That guy went to Jared, that kind of thing.   But I’m thinking that even the perfect gift on the perfect day of the year cannot substitute for loving, caring, listening, giving, all year round.

So I hope you are not fretting too much over what you did or didn’t get for Valentines Day.   I do hope you had some rockin’ sex if you could.  And I hope you feel loved all year round.