New screen name

Hello to everyone out there.  I hope you are well and happy.  I am on the road to becoming so.

I have changed my name here on my blog.  My old name, zookie, is a derivative of my married last name.  Conan does not want me using it anymore and has asked me to change it.  So I’ve changed it to “sunnie”,  which reminds me of sunshine and sunflowers and yellow, my favorite color, and happiness.  Which makes me feel good.

It will be weird not to see zookie anymore, but life changes, doesn’t it?

Just so you know, I have a few topics swirling around in my head, which means that I will be putting up a new post in the near future if anyone is inclined to read it.  I’m slightly surprised that even though I haven’t posted for months, I still get lots of views to my blog, and even a few comments now and then.  Thanks to all who have commented!

I miss the interaction here on my blog.

Take care everyone!


10 thoughts on “New screen name

  1. Hi Sunnie by name, you have done important work with your openness and integrity, and facilitated some important thinking in a church that needs to learn to better support marriage through legitimising sexual pleasure. Roll on some sex positive conversations, but if that’s not to where you’re at for a while, we’ll enjoy your thoughts about where you’re at now.

  2. We are all cheering for you! Do what you can because you are doing a lot of good for other people. Glad you are back……

  3. I just found you a couple of day ago, sunnie and I look forward to you beginning to post again. I linked from another site about sexuality and women. I am a Christian and have a son who is interested in a LDS divorcee. After reading some of your posts, I have linked to other LDS oriented sites to get a better understanding of how their religions could impact each others. We really like her and her parents have met our son once and asked her when she was going to marry him so I guess they like him. I don’t necessarily see any trouble ahead, but the Mormon church is way more complex than I realized, very hierarchical, and very patriarchal. Neither is asking the other to convert, but I hope they can accommodate one another adequately if they marry.

  4. Hi Sunnie, I just recently found your blog, and really enjoy reading it. It sounds like things are rough right now so I’m hoping I’m not putting this out there too quickly, but I wanted to suggest a topic I’ve seen other blogs similar to yours address–BDSM. On other blogs there is a LOT of judgement on this topic. I’d love to hear your take on it. While I don’t particularly find it enticing, I still feel pretty strongly that mutual consent and desire between spouses (done safely–both physically and emotionally) on this topic shouldn’t engender so much judgement… I know for many BDSM may not strengthen marriage bonds, but for some it may, and as long as it’s coming from a healthy place, why all of the judgement?

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