Basking in the Afterglow

Conan the Barbarian has sexual ADD.  I mean that he feels he must jump up immediately afterwards and go clean up, get dressed, get back to whatever!  Sometimes I can convince him to stay put for a few minutes and enjoy the afterglow with me, but only sometimes.  I threatened to blog about this if he jumped right up again, and guess what, he did!

So how can I convince him to just revel in it for a while?  I would be good with ten or 15 minutes.  Really.  What’s worked the best for me so far is having a towel right there.  He is about to get up and I whip out the towel and say, nope, you don’t need to get up!  Get yourself back here!  He usually laughs and stays with me for awhile, but  I can tell he is just so antsy to get up and get going!  So I tighten my hold on him a little and he starts laughing.  So then after a few minutes I say, okay, go ahead, get out of here.  Big sigh!!!  I will tell you a funny secret about Conan.  He does not like his own stuff on him.  At all.  Oh, it’s perfectly fine all over  ME, of course, but keep it away from him.  You should see me try to kiss him after OS.  It’s very, very funny!!!  That’s why I thought the towel idea would solve my little dilemma.   It has worked, but only marginally.

I would like to just simply lie next to him, feeling those loving feelings, those content feelings, those sleepy feelings.  Maybe kiss a little.  Or hug.  Or maybe just hold hands.  I would like him to then look deeply into my eyes and profess his undying love for me  (Don’t laugh, I really mean it).

I’m not a terribly romantic person, but I’m thinking that this  is where I would like a little romance.   Trouble is, Conan the Barbarian’s name fits him quite well.  I don’t think he has a romantic bone in his body.  Hence his extreme jealousy of Edward Cullen (you can laugh here, I am KIDDING!!!).

Romance has its place, okay?  Some women want a flower or a poem or a little present.  I just want 15 minutes of basking in the glow.    Sigh.

Have a great weekend and be sure to go to church!

6 thoughts on “Basking in the Afterglow

  1. I’ll tell you what really kills romance, and that’s a woman who sees sex as a somewhat unpleasant chore which, by getting married, she has obligated herself to perform occasionally and without complaint. Makes me want to run right out and buy flowers!

  2. Your Conan is probably a bit different from most men. But then, I think you are different from most women! 🙂 My wife is the one to get up right after sex. She doesn’t want anything leaking out of her, so she will get up and clean up. I am content to snuggle naked with her all night, but the garment thing keeps her from consenting to that.

    • Yup, no basking. Very similar to your “Duty Sex” post:

      “Don’t kiss me like that.”
      “Don’t touch me there; those are not toys.”
      Get on, get done, get off, good night..

  3. I have the same issue. If I have 15 seconds of “afterglow” time with my wife I consider that a pleasant change.

  4. Oh, the magic of the blog! Conan gave me about 10 minutes of basking last night without complaint. How nice!! He then attempted to look deeply in my eyes and profess…and we both just CRACKED UP!! Love that guy ❤

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